Seo lookback 2021 – learnings for 2022

We know that the essence of SEO is to disseminate information from a searcher’s perspective. Therefore, if the searcher has valuable information, they will voluntarily search for it and visit the site.

However, achieving that is not so easy as it used to be previously.

Some change of thinking is required.

Google is constantly working to improve its ranking algorithm, tightening up its guidelines around serving quality so that websites considered authoritative and trustworthy with a good number of backlinks are shown on the top of search results and gotten better at spotting poor-quality sites.

There is nothing new about this. But companies are still unwilling to invest the time and effort needed to take advantage of the situation and wonder why they are seeing a decline in their organic traffic. However, we don’t expect this trend to stop anytime soon. Suppose you’ve been coasting along, not putting your efforts into SEO strategy over the last few years, relying on other channels. In that case, you’re likely to start seeing the consequences of that in the upcoming months.

The Digital Market Is Forecast to Grow To $772 Billion By 2022.

SEO TRENDS 2020 – 2021


The Major Trends Influencing the Market Includes Video Streaming Gadgets Via Internet, Influencer marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and voice. These trends should be induced into your SEO strategy as you dive into the future of digital marketing.

The SEO trends your business should be preparing for in 2022 include better Content, Image optimization, voice optimization, video content, mobile-friendliness, Digital PR, AI, Influencer marketing, and most importantly, user intent.

There’s an increase in the importance of having a responsive website. People utilize search engines to find local brands and their services than ever before. Since Google made it mandatory for all websites to be mobile-friendly in 2015, it has become an essential factor in SEO. However, with the launch of Mobile-First Indexing, optimizing your content for mobile devices is more critical than ever.

With video consumption predicted to continue growing at a steady rate of 44% year-on-year over the next few years and be as much as 82% of total web traffic by 2022, we recognize that infusing video content into SEO strategy is one of the most effective ways to improve our rankings both now and in future.

Influencer marketing is a process of helping to attract new customers by strategically engaging and activating influential people relevant to your brand. Since the benefactor or the influencer – the user here – affects the entire decision-making, it is essential to pay attention to user intent and preferences.

Content is the biggest challenge for SEO 2022. Content needs to be original and exciting to read to rank high on Google soon. Ensure you have a content strategy ready to roll out for your company that will allow you to publish and distribute in-depth information regarding all of your products and services on a weekly basis.

The future is voice-based. According to research, voice search will reach $40 billion by 2022, a 4x increase from 2015’s $11.4 billion. If these statistics materialize, SEO trends will follow suit; Google has already publicized the need for captivating Content and more standardization.

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