About Snigdha

As the Co-Founder and CEO of BrewTech Marketing, Snigdha is responsible for running all facets of the business. She has a proven marketing track record and over 18 years of experience driving businesses in technology and events. Before joining BrewTech Marketing, Snigdha’s association has been tremendous, with various tech companies responsible for all marketing and events activities. With her business development skills, well-brewed and well-defined marketing strategies, and expertise, she contributed to companies by multiplying the quality inbound leads through virtual/physical events, various digital initiatives and contributing equally to sales conversions and year on year growth.

While working, Snigdha earned her post-graduate degree in marketing from ICFAI University and did many certificate courses in Digital Marketing, Data and Analytics, Marketing and Communications. More to her accolades, she was the University topper while graduating in Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management from Patna University.

Snigdha has been equally contributing to society with her self-driven CSR activities. Painting, reading, teaching, and long drives are some of her hobbies. In addition, Snigdha is an aspiring author who wishes to start authoring her books with an autobiography!

Prabhash Nirbhay


About Prabhash

“Execution without Strategy is like painting a bullseye around a randomly shot arrow.”

Prabhash, a performance coach and multi-process trainer of repute, is the Founder of Flipcarbon and heads its consulting practice. He has worked with SMEs and Startups to achieve 2X to 10X growth in 1000days. He engages closely with like-minded angels to mentor, enable, fund, and grow the start-up ecosystem of Bharat to solve problems related to Health, Nutrition, Education, Financial Inclusion, Market Access, and Job creation.

Prabhash is a Successful Virtual CHRO for SMEs and Startups, mentors new Entrepreneurs, Fund Raise Enabler, and it will be correct to say he is Bullish about Bharat!

About Nishant

NISHANT is a nifty content maker and a writer with over a decade of experience in the media/entertainment industry. He owns Writers’ Karkhana, a one-stop-content shop.

He works with aspiring writer(s) and helps turn complex ideas into uncomplicated tales intended to the lowest common denominator.

He is the “Creative guy“ of our team; an aggressive problem solver with an affable smile.

Nishant is Bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism and his body of knowledge and work supports him well in knowing how to relay messages creatively while minding business considerations.

For him, creative thinking and innovation are the key mantras for success in the digital media business whose landscape is ever-evolving.

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