Knock! Knock! Do you know your branding platform the PLC way?

We are tirelessly running in one direction of trying to compete with other brands. But, to the audience, it has started giving the feeling of “lemon and spoon race” that most of us for sure have participated in our elementary school. I remember one of my besties had won the 50 meter spoon race, and my other buddy got into an argument that the lemon size was not correct, and it fitted exactly in the spoon that helped my friend win the race! But, as said and done, it was eye candy for the audience who enjoyed watching the bud-fight at such a tender age and received a great round of applause! So, the question is, where did the Lemon go?

Lemons here are none other than the ‘Brand’ itself, and spoon is the viral platform! There are numerous spoons trying to fit into all types and sizes of lemons-aka-Brands and are just getting squeezed between the ROIs.

Many companies are trying to maximize the virtual presence but are falling short of identifying the ‘exact’ channel to channelize their products. As a result, many try to hit the bull’s eye into the dark, hoping that it might bring out some development or outcome. However, in the age of Marketing 4.0, working on the assumption model in the allocated marketing budget is dicier. Today, we know what the audience is looking for and what their preferences are. Today’s Marketing model is purely based on various AI models and algorithms that require an understanding with Precision, Love, and Care. Therefore, brands should not fall for all channels from a single-window from a long-term investment point of view. For example, let us talk about Instagram Reel! As we know, it is open for all operating systems and is widely used. Yet, there are Brand managers who try to brainstorm on ‘leveraging’ this platform without getting into its know-how and making an attempt to go viral on it without knowing what it is!

It is the situation for any social media platform. Whether there are new platform launches or platforms that are still unused, Brands scramble to it for the only reason that the platforms carry enormous users. They try to engage with the users more aggressively that mostly lands into inorganic marketing. These strategies are short-lived, and it generally does not yield good result in the long run. To stay ahead of competitors, be hands-on with every channel, it is essential to know the Precision, Love, and Care of overall Marketing!

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