Effectiveness of Social Marketing & Upstream Social Marketing

Today we have an access to number of Social Medium. Have we thought for a while where this concept comes from and the intention behind? It’s an accommodative medium to express views and put recommendations, at the same time mostly we do not measure how prerogative or collective our opinion stands in front of our target audience.

With an understanding that marketing is a pervasive societal activity, many noble causes too have been embraced with the coining of the term Social Marketing. Way back in 1971, Dr. Philip Kotler and team pioneered an article on Public Health. The concept today has germinated into various forms. It’s a very good medium for awareness generation on certain issues. The Nominee nominated for election gets a complete marketing platform, B-school placements markets that having a management degree is equally important and step-towards-clean society tells us that “a cause” is being marketed. The concept of Social Marketing is virtuous. Mass Communication is not the only parameter of Social Media Marketing, it also calls for the implementation of Product, Price , Place and Promotion with an equal identification of Target Segment, Target Market and better Positioning of the product or services.

I see many posts on “Hiring Now in Dubai or Middle East or other Continent” liked by many people with their additional input in the comment feed. Please correct me, how effectively have you received any personalized reply be it positive or negative? I am certainly not against it; at the same time such posts should carry further more specifications where only required professional can apply to facilitate better screening process. It will not only save the recruiter’s time, will also help the applicants to wait for the perfect opportunity. Idea is ‘not to get lost with thoughts and words, rather putting it across with a problem solving approach’. It can graciously bring radical change in viewer’s mind set.

It is also important for us to emphasis more on the “Upstream Social Marketing” where many underlying opportunities are getting un-noticed. For example: people getting prone to Thyroid or Diabetes at their early age. Reason being negligence towards our own health! Lack of sufficient dietary supplement, low on fitness regime, opting for ready to eat food, less sleep and many more such activities leads to a complicated health. Upstream Social Marketing can influence the audience for leading a healthy and fit life with the implementation of some fitness articles, videos, the Do’s & Don’ts. It doesn’t say that such problems will not occur. Upstream Social Marketing only aims at getting the flaws rectified for the situation in any given state of affairs, to remain under control even in worst case scenario. It’s fascinating and can be considered in any field of interest.

Therefore, there are great opportunities for the marketers* to expand their thinking and smear their skills to the growing and interactive range of societal activities.

You’re worth it!!

(Marketers* here is addressed to all irrespective of their core domain.)

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