Why is a website audit important?

According to siteefy, there are close to 1.14 billion websites worldwide! of which 197 million are active! So, according to the stats, it is not surprising that nearly three new websites are created each second!

We are sailing through a swarm of bees race, keeping the industry vertical as the drift Queen/leader!

From the billions of websites to narrowing down specific company ranking factors, it takes immense effort to generate quality work!

As I keep saying, Digital marketing is the ocean of learning that has yet to find its limit! 

The idea is to make you understand about few key parameters:

  1. It would help if you always kept your competitors on the radar
  2. Define your objective as to what you expect from your website.
  3. Expand your digital investigation before setting up a website!
  4. Keywords enhancement*
  5. Creating link-juice, and many more!

*keyword enhancement – in this fast-growing post-pandemic era, any keyword’s life expectancy has reduced to 6 – 8 months by default! It’s not your problem! It is the need of the hour and business!

If we do a website audit and update the suggested corrections, it can positively impact your brand-new website! Firstly, recognize that all your dedication, analysis, and research can be jeopardized if we falter. Furthermore, constructing a responsive and dynamic website is a process that, indeed, takes months.

As a digital marketer, our primary goal is to maintain your website with daily digital marketing tasks. However, any hesitation can lead to significant disruptions on the site. Consequently, this might result in the loss of potential leads!

Further, as per my experience, any enhanced website can gather close to 1000-5000 visitors with a lesser bounce rate! It is important to note!

For every 100 leads, there are chances of getting at least 4-5 inquiries. So you can now calculate how important it is to get heavy traffic to your website out of your millions of competitors!

While our initial tasks are complete, our work doesn’t end here! Subsequently, we continue optimizing links and keywords. Through this, we gauge the effectiveness of the website’s presence across various channels and networks.

A timely website audit is essential! Why?

  • Your Search Rank depends upon this
  • your website’s overall health condition is well-monitored and maintained
  • Areas of improvement are suggested
  • User engagement increase with the increased traffic!

Although creating a website is a one-time work for a defined period, maintaining the website is even more important! Trust me; you need to pay attention! Purposeful ignorance can lower your site’s market visibility and positioning!

Investing monthly in effective maintenance is less than the revenue you will generate with lead conversion! 

Digital marketing is not “just another profession” It is a serious business! If handled carefully, it can raise you high; if ignored, it can pull you down with zero visibility!

Handle it with responsibility! You should understand Digital Marketing as a science using various permutations and combinations to define a formula!




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