Vande Mataram !

Na Niyam Na Kanoon Na Samvidhan Chahiye,

Logon Ka Jo bik sake na wo imaan chahiye

Mujhe To Baas Saare Jahan Se Accha Hindustaan Chahiye, Hindustaan Chahiye!!

We say after the downfall of Mughal Empire, India Lost its Freedom!

Now we retell the legendary stories of our great freedom fighters who got us to see the Free India.

Are we really living in Free India? Each year on such auspicious occasion we are told to stay at home or be back home early with a mind-set or to be more precise with a fear that “let there not be any bomb blast or terrorist attack”.

Would be a celebration then, when with no fear together we will celebrate the Independence Day. It’s good to have High Alert security still will be much better if we take our own responsibility.

It’s an honour to mention the two Brave Hearts Rakesh and Vikramjeet who showed their valour by overpowering terrorists in Udhampur (Jammu & Kashmir), recently. Salute to you!! To be noted that the brave men have saved many lives living in that region. Such efforts are worth inspiring!

On the Eve of Indian Independence Day, wishing you all a blessed and fearless living ahead.

Vande Mataram!!

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