Theory of PEN

The inheritance of Self-Recognition has come to us through a simple technique “PEN”. An effective communication tool, Pen plays a pivotal role in all aspect. Be it writing exams, signing contracts, winning deals, making Law, taking decisions; Pen has always been in demand in all given circumstances.

Similarly, we have sub-consciously adopted the Legacy of Pen in our routine. In Marketing from an Eagle’s view, PEN can be further categorised from a different perspective, where:

“P” stands for Probe ; “E” to Emulate ; “N” to Negotiate

… still PEN remains the same !

In today’s competitive market, customers have become more censorious and apply digital logic before monetary action. Example to the theory:

This weekend, while I was making grocery purchases, there was a gentleman pinned to his tablet. I was more amused as he was equally trolling through the right shelves. Exasperated I couldn’t hold and inquired with him if he is setting up browsing connection between the products. To my further amazement, I was right. The gentleman explained – products stored on the shelf, are equally ecommerced, known to all. For handful products there are direct store purchases and at the same time if it comes to grocery purchase budgeted for a month, which can be dealt more wisely if referred to the online store. He took an example of a shaving gel. Store displayed discounted price on the merchandise and same product on e-business gave further discount recommending him to use a specific shaving brush and razor sold at much lesser rate with added schemes and are rated high by other users residing in same region with same day product delivery affirmation. He selected online store in contrast to the brick-store seller. It took altogether 15 to 30 minutes for him to finish with the censorious purchases and signed on bare minimum amount at billing counter. Yes, it does require some patience and knowledge on e-commerce.

It therefore attests that customers have become more rigid in transactions as they probe into the product online, emulate them with discounts, offers, ratings and further negotiate to get a pocket friendly deal.

At the same time, there are generic products which demands for instant purchase and drives us to go for brick-store purchases.

Today apart from providing best services, a marketer has to equally consider key parameters on pricing, packaging and availability factor to stand against the soaring demand for online purchases.

To conclude, Theory of Pen (as coined by me confronted to a situation analysis) has gone digital and to create a win-win situation a brick-marketer need to work even harder and customers need to understand the prevailing situation for creating a balanced market, tomorrow!

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