The Power Of Marketing Communication

It was 6 AM when I got up today. While sipping my much awaited morning tea, I was thinking what exactly is Marketing Communication? What is it?

Is it a course book which helped me to get its technicalities or is it a matter of many years of experience? Or do I say is it both?? Today we all practice marketing communication. FMCG products no doubt require a lot of Marcom practice for better return on investment. Even the industrial products and the technical lines like: Doctors, Engineers, IT professionals, Business Leaders all believe in Marketing Communication.

There are various aspects to look at it. From the richness of Ved-Puran to the perfection of philosophical and psychological aspect in today’s market condition. Communication has always and will be playing a critical role in an organizational as well as individual growth.

It is believed that Ashwini Kumars introduced medicine to the mankind as per Hindu Mythology. Aryabhata rising from the classical age of Indian Mathematics and Indian astronomy introduced diversified mathematics along with astronomy and not to dis-remember the arguments of great politician and economist Chanakya. The paucity of communication would have made the society ignorant of our great heritage. Now we have the trained marketers, then there were the disciples who spread the goodness of respective stream to the society towards reforming the socio-cultural environment.

This proves the power of a skilled marketer tuned to better communication within the given frame hitting the emotional and rational mind-set of its target audience.

A quick comment on one of the FMCG product: “SURF” detergent powder. Unilever fairly understood emotional quotient of its target audience in both rural and urban area. It therefore developed and set a fantastic communication programme through various medium that directly hit the subconscious mind of every individual. In any departmental store, now also if somebody asks for a detergent powder irrespective of which brand, they address it saying “give me 1kg SURF”. More over the seller also carry the habit of asking “which surf?” Including children it psychologically fed in us that Surf is synonym to any other detergent powder.

For many years as I have been practicing communication programme being a marketing professional, I have realized how important a message or a statement could be! It can yield great returns if applied genuinely and generously.

Lastly, it would not be wrong to state that all of us carry a hint of marketing communication. We only need to identify that Unique Selling Proposition within and communicate it to the people.

Can you outline what is Marketing Communication in your view?

Happy reading!!

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