Performance Marketing

Are you satisfied with the management of your generated data in hand? How can you further leverage Performance Marketing?

The post-pandemic new-normal has impacted and changed the worldwide marketing concept. Therefore, it is right to say that we are entering, or we have entered the Marketing 4.1 industry concept. How? As you see, till the year 2019, leading brands across segments majorly captured the eyes sights of most of us. Referring to Maslow’s “need hierarchy,” the consumers were happier to satisfy and meet the core requirements of their “Esteem need.” The pandemic attack hit us severely that brought many of us back to fulfilling the “safety” and “social” needs. It would not be wrong to say that customers are re-sculpting industries by expressing their desire to the marketers through all means. Our end-users are the new market-makers in the era of the new normal. Therefore, marketing is not only limited to capturing the data; it depends on how you nurture them.

Way back in the year 2019, as per the survey report, 85% of consumers checked at least two data points across categories before they make a purchase decision (BCG analysis). In today’s scenario, 71% of the purchase decision banks upon word-of-mouth basis where people recommend products and services based on their great or not-great experience. (Convince & Convert Consulting). Therefore, it is not only managing the brand offerings across segments; it is to make consumers purchase your products and services. They are now more reluctant and have become more concerned about the spends.

It is the effect of the current marketing scenario that has formulated and carved the digital transformation to out-perform YoY basis. As per IDC survey, $641B is expected to be spent on the Customer experience that is over $120B more than in 2019. The question here is how to deploy and instill an organizational culture that will prioritize customer focus. How effective and meaningful is your performance metrics? What should be the best of best strategies knowing we are all competing in the cloud-based virtual world?

BrewTech Marketing helps clients create a “Rich and Rewarding” customer experience by inculcating and emulating an ‘intangible approach’ for the brands. We focus on increasing your market reach at a reduced price while growing your brand and revenue stream.

Today, we can conveniently witness the war of brands across the channel. Be it a Business-to-Business Segment or a Business-to-Customer. There are eCommerce sites that used to hit the Festive sale duration for over a week till 2019 that has expanded further for over a month in the year 2021. This is the lock time for brands to position themselves better over others. The performance metrics of the festival sale will then showcase the brand performance and how better can they sculpt themselves for future branding.

Therefore, ‘Performance Marketing’ is a do-go marketing strategy for organizations of today and tomorrow. In this regard, the mid-sized marketing Companies are doing great in offering the best-in-class performance marketing strategy with accuracy. It’s a win-win approach for all.

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