Origin of Marketing and Communication: A Mythological Touch

While listening to one of the FM Station today, a wonderful conversation on Two Great Indian Epics took place. This again pushed me to rewind my thought process and link a connection between The Great Epics and Marketing Communication.

It’s great to know how communication plays an important role. In one of the Adhyaaya when Raavan abducted Goddess Sita on his magical chariot, Sita kept on throwing her jewellery to the ground hoping it would create a trail for Lord Ram to follow and communicate the complete scenario for Her rescue.

Another much promising instance is of Mahabharata, where with powerful vision Sanjay narrated the action scenes of battlefield in Kurukshetra to Dhritarashtra.

Objective of bringing the Indian Mythology in my conversation is to check how appropriately different methods of communication were used within the capacity pertaining to different chapters of time.

With several learnings fixing into telegrams, post cards, minimal accessibility to remotely placed landlines, today we have grown rapidly with the introduction of most advanced communication tools which not only helps people to socialize digitally, also to link in more professionally.

The telepathy took the form telephonic conversation which has now evolved into digital communication. Not to forget, the inspirational Sita Haran, in today’s date can now be vigilantly traced on GPS stopping such atrocious scenes!!

It’s hard to find the origin of marketing and communication as it comes with us moment we step into the world. Least we could contribute is to accept the value of communication and use it appropriately to mark great returns both in terms of money and setting up better relationship with others.

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