Is it true: Women employee shares equal position in any organization?

Manu the progenitor of mankind, aesthetically defined the existence of womanhood. Going with the Manuscript:

yatra nāryastu pūjyante ramante tatra devatāḥ|

yatraitāstu na pūjyante sarvāstatrāphalāḥ kriyāḥ ||

It says, “The Divine gets extremely happy where women are respected and where they are not, all actions are fruitless”!

I am certainly not of the opinion that to please the Divine Power you should respect women. It was mentioned then, when the mankind had originated, where such Divine examples were the only assumed parameters for the followers and society to understand the values of being a Responsible Being!

Today, the technology has advanced, in no time we can connect between the imaginary poles; still we carry the superficial and non-traditional mind set for women. Why?? Non-traditional because the Vedic Age never discriminated between a man and a woman. It’s all about our existing perception.

I could have directly picked up a conversation on women in an organization by going with the heading. In today’s scenario trending articles on maltreatment with women irrespective of their age, I am emotionally forced to bring forth the background.

Coming to woman working in an organization. Except for few, most organizations have pre-established and subjugated perception about their female co-workers. Many female employees get cornered with certain questions like: “You are 28+ and still you are single! If you will get married tomorrow there is no guarantee of your stability. Therefore, we can’t hire you or we can’t manage your internal promotion”. Why? Second personal question arises about the planning for first child and third question comes up after few years during appraisals on second child.

Does it prove that a female employee can grow in an organization only if she chooses not to get married or if she is done with her family planning!

We understand, from an organization point of view, these are expected concerns; still can it not be handled more conveniently where both – the organization and the female employee are mutually benefited? The lateral thought process towards positive outcome can definitely boost the morale of a female counterpart and given an opportunity she can prove to be the most promising employee of an organization following her given job profile.

There are many women leaders across the globe; they are excelling taking family along. In my linkedin contacts about 25% connections are female professionals. In my opinion, they too are in league of setting up examples being a good leader and a great performer. Therefore, can we expect a trivial change in perception as a moral support for us to grow? I think we can!!

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