How Digital Marketing Helps Your Product or Service

Idea is to make you understand the basic concept of Digital Marketing, stepwise. Today we will discuss how SEO is useful for businesses. Or does SEO really work?? Let’s see! (I always prefer quoting my blogs with examples for learning purpose only.)

A well-established FMCG firm is the most successful firm amongst its competitors with multiple lines of products under its roof. Knowing the richness of its market penetration with a belief that this brand is Mr. reliable in each household, the Company has now thought of introducing altogether a separate line of business in Electronic Industry for Mobile Phones.

Do you think it will be a success? Would you invest your money like you have been investing in purchasing its other products? Will it be a win-win situation for both – the end customers and the Company? Will its mobile phone sale impact another line of products already in the market for past many years? Likewise, there are many questions that may erupt with limited answers to it.

Therefore, the Company needs to prove its worth yet again! And this is the truth!

There are numerous ways of promoting the business through Digital Marketing. In this blog, I would be discussing how well can the Company optimize the Search Engines.

To begin with, let me mention that there are certain things to unlearn and learn. They are:

1.       Please do not add another page for the newly introduced line of business to your

existing domain with a mindset it will pull the crowd.

2.       Create much informative and attractive landing page

3.       While marketing online, don’t just target the keywords; also keep in mind and

apply the interest areas of the target audience.

4.       The ad content or image should be relevant to your line of business

5.       Do a test campaign before setting up the budget and the ROI.

When you are ready with the above information and tasks well placed, you need to check that the ad content keywords, website content keywords and landing Page keywords should match. The reason being, any search engine bots, for example, Google, the bots crawls on links and only links. It depends completely on your preferences that how well you can place the keywords to make a meaningful ad for promotion purpose.

Links, on the other hand, are of two types: inbound and outbound links. The Inbound links are very much in your hands to work upon. Beside several aspects, you need to keep the keyword density at least 4-5% per page. You can then anchor the relevant keywords or sentences to another page of your website. It’s somewhat about creating a small cobweb structure by internally linking your website.

The outbound links or external links, on the other hand, is linking your focused webpages to some other website page. It could be linking to 3,4 or numerous websites depending upon your type of business and here your old contacts/ external stakeholders can prove to be much promising as they will get the opportunity to associate their name with your brand and your new line of business will equally get a mileage. In this way, you tend to create wider cobweb which in general terms we call – World Wide Web (WWW)

The above-mentioned SEO method will surely help your ad appear on the front page of the Search Engine Result Pages with zero investment. Here you can see with little effort and at zero cost you can build awareness and promote your product to the defined target audience.

The other parameter of Search Engine Optimization is Search Engine Marketing.  The same we will discuss on my next blog. Till then happy reading!

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