Future of Marketing During & Post COVID-19!

Referring to Shakespeare’s renowned verse “All the World’s A Stage!” we are observing and successfully participating in the World’s “Add-on” service through COVID – 19!

It is universal and applicable to all of us at this juncture, where we have come to a stage of sharing our knowledge by expanding our reach multi-dimensional through various online platforms. Communication has changed its preferences. Market responses have taken a sharp turn and Selling is trying to re-shape the concept of ‘town-crier’ of the the-then historical era. It would be interesting for you to know HOW?

Let me start with the “MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS THEORY”. Way back in 1943 Abraham Maslow in his theory of Human Motivation very well defined and elaborated on the psychological need of humans.

Today we can very well relate ourselves to the concept of Barter System! Yes, we are trying to re-discover the concept of the barter system. Referring to Maslow’s theory, we as individuals, by working from home trying to motivate ourselves to reach the next stage to satisfy our needs. The in-person socialization is now limited to digital socialization. Till just 3 months ago, the in-person meeting used to be the USP of lead conversion.

Now, with the Add-On service of COVID 19, the situation is completely backed by digital communication. Why? Because we want to socialize! We want to reach the maximum audience to listen to us through various modes of communications like webinars, podcast, webcast, social platforms, live streaming, introductory offers – certainly not to attract people to purchase the services being primary objective as to how Marketing 4.0 of self-actualization concept defines both from customer and seller point of view; but! to share their least possible hour with the marketers and sellers of any profile as part of basic Barter System! The commercials today have taken a step back and is backed with exact-message-to-be-delivered in the form of communication through various platforms.

How effective will the New Barter System be?

As we have reached and are reaching the level of Self-actualization, we are basically trying others to self-actualize in this situation. It would be wise to refer to this stage as “Transcendence”. E-commerce and online-education at this stage can prove to be one of the best-suited examples. How? Information Technology is playing a critical and most pivotal role today which is directly proving to the best medium of barter system! The introduction and implementation of various technologies like: online warehousing (where the seller writes the domain address of warehouse instead of physical address), effective supply chain management, e-learning tools & techniques and moreover various technology-based practices developed during the COVID situation prioritizing the health and hygiene as the foremost criteria of selling!

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say, that we have technologically embraced the primitive concept of commercials where the objective was not to make the profit rather it was to make people aware of the products and services available to them catering to their needs in the form of the new normal way of barter system!

We as individuals are now trying to improve, grow, experiment, and re-introduce ourselves irrespective of age, profession, caste, and creed! It would not be wrong to mention referring to Maslow’s Needs Theory, most of us are standing at the basic stage of physiological need. Having the advantage of living in the digital world, we can aim to reach high in less time, again!

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