From Ordinary to Extra Ordinary!!

Today a specific and consistent thought has taken a slanted diversion from my regular posts.

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As a school student I was not a great performer. All thanks to Mathematics and Physics . These subjects always used to deep dive in my ocean of total percentage. Yes, my scores used to show in literature and arts which gradually took me top the University and take a privileged position amongst the great performers. Trust me, having both experience of failure and success, world remains the same until one decide to change herself or himself!!

Talking about the legendary Classical Sanskrit writer Kalidas; several inspiring poems and playwritings are already weaved to his accolades. He is probably the greatest Indian writer of any epoch.

Little is known about Kalidas’s personal life still legends proliferate!

Princess Vidyottama is said to have accidently married Kalidas going by his striking looks. Later discovering his ignorance and coarseness, ashamed Vidoyttama threw Kalidas out of her life with much insult to his existence. Dejected Kalidas made up his mind to prove himself ‘The Fit and The Best’ to the world in the field of Sanskrit literature. And he proved!

Malvikaagnimitra (Malvika & Agnimitra), Vikramorvashiiya (most likely a quip on Vikramaditya) & Abhigyanshakuntalam (Shakuntala) are well known Kalidas’s contribution to Indian literature apart from his poetic sense on Meghaduta, Raghuvamsha and Kumurasambhava.

If I relate and evaluate the past with the present, in a way it is good to insult a “fool” (described here as One Word for failure in any aspect). If the foolish is capable enough to accept those insults and work on it generously, then sky is the limit.

Not always insult works!

Most of us carry the traits that of Vidyottama. In my opinion if we think we are superior than our counterpart in specific field, rather insulting if we invest time in making the other half understand the concept it will benefit both. The Vidyottama in us can also lead to unacceptable consequences.

I am really thankful to all those situations which lead me to failures. It practically made me SWOT and absorb the truth of life. I can now distinguish Vidyottamas parasitizing in one’s acquitted mind.

Well received from one of my educators – believe in Three “H”: Head and Heart and Hand. Think positive as much possible, listen to your Heart and bring your Hand in force for creating another inspiring story.

Bring out that Extra Ordinary in you!

Would like to conclude my words with:

“Karat karat abhyaas te, jadmati hout sujaan, rasri aawat jaat te, sil par padat nisaan” !!

Cheers, Snigdha

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