Do you think brands are on a diet?

According to Meltwaters report, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram stay on top, besides a whooping growth of TikTok!

79% of marketers use social media for brand awareness, while 71% aim to increase brand engagement! Interestingly, on average, nearly 46% of companies could efficiently increase their website traffic through social promotions!

Furthermore, in 2023, as per the survey by Meltwater, 82% of marketers have been doing and will continue to use social media for brand awareness, while 53% are planning to work with influencers!

Interestingly the expected ROI from organic promotions has increased by 75%. It means that the fast-changing customer demand rapidly changes the marketer’s approach! The year 2023 could leap the marketing 4.0 concept! But wait! Are we progressing, or are we circling the traditional marketing concepts, digitally?

Customer appetite has increased, and so has the approach!

Brands today are trying to meet the basic – physiological needs referring to Maslow’s need theory. With the rise of digital competition, everyone wants to stay in the race! For sure! But who will win, it’s as dicey as the wheel of fortune!

Brands are not on a diet! In fact, the appetite has increased!

Sit back, think, set your goals and objectives, and evaluate the marketing effectiveness and estimated response.

It will carve a perfect marketing scenario for you to compete well with your rivals!

To get that 100% success, stay updated and be active on your response time!

Collectively, BrewTech has expertise in creating ROI-based marketing plans for customers with defined goals and objectives!

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Cheers, Snigdha


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