Dealing with non-performing websites!

A website that doesn’t perform well is frustrating for both the site owner and the visitors. If you’re having issues with your site’s performance, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem. First, I will mention some common causes of website non-performance and how to fix them.

The website you build is the foundation on which all online marketing efforts depend. Therefore, monitoring and maintaining the website becomes essential. Poor performance can impact your ability to convert visitors! And collect reliable data, which is needed to adjust and improve future marketing efforts, not to mention business strategies in general.

Un-organized Code

A lot of coding is involved in building websites, especially when you add more and more functions and features to the site. If the codes are unorganized, it can result in various issues, no doubt about it!

It will directly affect your website function and the ability of search engines to properly index your site’s content, thereby hurting your search rankings. Some common website coding problems include:

Incorrect Robot.txt File

Robot.txt files should be placed in the top-level directory of your site to be found. It must be named in all lower case, such as “robots.txt.”Never use robot.txt files to hide private user information as robot.txt files are publically available

Lack Of A Sitemap File

Sitemaps can provide information on what kind of content can be found on each page (such as images or videos), when your pages were last updated, how often your pages change, and if you have any alternate language versions.

Extreme Use Of Subfolders in URL Strings

A visitor exploring your website may end up on a page with a URL with way too many subfolders. It means that the URL is particularly long and has numerous slashes throughout. Sometimes, it isn’t straightforward, and you should simplify the URL string.

Similar to this, many factors can contribute to a website’s non-performance. In this blog post, we explored some of the most common issues and provide solutions for fixing them. If you’re experiencing website non-performance issues, you can contact us for all future doubt clarification.

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