10 minutes effective email marketing strategy

There were approximately 4.147 billion email users in 2021, compared with 4.03 billion users in 2020. Of close to 5.9 billion email users (growing ) in 2022, about 40% of emails go to spam, and to top it up, Gmail exclusively blocks close to 100 million spam-tagged emails daily!(info credit: Statista)

If we talk about the B2B emails, the average office workers receive close to 100 emails a day, of which they segregate the required emails from the rest of the lot!

Can you figure out the trigger here? Read once more the overhead line. “of which they segregate the required emails from the rest of the lot!”

It means you are not sure most of the time if the emails are being read or if they get selected in the group and are marked “read” or dropped into another particular and well-thought-of email folder. Think about it!

It’s not the automated tool that will work all the time! It all depends on the level of market research you have done. Your complete character sketch of the industry verticals, how they operate, the vendors, primary client sectors, and more!

Here are a few things that you can consider while drafting an email. Then, please let me know if your emails get responses apart from the ‘unsubscribe’ emails after being read.

  • Your first mail should be about something other than your company! Worried? But it’s true!

To open the conversation, give a one-liner in just a few words, your company introduction, and then directly hit on to the main agenda. For promoting tools and services, try to take firsthand input if the prospect is already using your advanced version, the company has no such sort of requirement (wrong targetting), or if the prices are high/low/unsatisfactory!

  • Keep it short and simple!

If you have an elaborate offering, understand your prospect will pay little attention to your detailings. Instead, they want quick-to-learn material that can take just a few seconds! Harsh, but it is a fact! Go for infographic representation! Quick- eye catcher – informative and interactive!

  • Try to hit the subject line with the most common keywords and personalize the subject line.

If I get any mail on my Gmail saying, “Snigdha, we have received your payment of xx amount towards so-&-so lounge,” I open that email that ends up talking about quick-to-use credit card 🙂 The second mail after a few days that comes says, “thank you for shopping with us, Snigdha!” 

That’s it! It makes my day and the advertiser’s day as well. Upon hearing a familiar name from their customer care, I at least try to understand the company’s core offering….and therefore, I get into their “cold lead” bracket!

Imagine if you do the same, will it work? Yes, it will! 🙂

  • Refrain from talking about everything in the first few emails. 

Take the “one-way” communication for at least 7-8 ways of interesting email interactions! You will notice that not only your email opens have increased, but at the same time, the bounce rates have decreased gradually. Trust me; if you start falling into this race, you must celebrate a bit! It is the hard work that starts paying you back!

  • Don’t be in a hurry to fix a sales call!

Avoid pushing the happy prospect into a sales meeting anytime during your first two email communications! Understand the prospect if inclined want to learn more about you but in Gorilla mode! Meaning without getting directly into your contact, your prospect will look for grabbing inputs about you! Let them do so. Do not interfere, as this is a natural behavior. If interrupted, the prospect might loose complete interest!

  • Write scenario-based emails based on current industry requirements. 

Invest in learning about the targeted industry. Then, gradually start hitting the prospect’s mind of making them think and frame your given scenario into their organizational structure! Your 50% work will be met!

  • Last email or email just before the sales connect!

Send a formal invitation customized to the client as a calendar invite email attachment! Also, try to send the brochure with a personalized letter of invitation if the client stays locally!

Note that a happy prospect with the above-all feel-good factor can significantly turn your business into a profitable entity!

Will keep sharing such tips based on my personal experience!

Should you need to create a  step-by-step customer approach, BrewTech marketing can create unmatched customer learning yet making your emails reach the inbox that are read and replied with response!

Prospects are fragile, handle them with care!

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